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I was always going to be a writer.

I wrote my first (several thousand word) novel at age 13. It wasn’t very good. But it was several thousand words long. That’s commitment.

I graduated with a journalism degree, just as print media was experiencing its first real death rattle. Just as well; I really just wanted to write fiction anyway.

My day job is in User Experience Design. It’s a great day job. In its own way, it has things in common with storytelling, moving a user through a narrative arc, whether a literal story or a task. But it isn’t quite writing.

I’ve discovered and rediscovered my need for words—to consume them and to create with them—several times throughout my life. Some times, the reminder to return home hits as soon as I have down time. More than once, the reminder has come in the form of hip hop. Other times it’s been old friends reminding me of times I was happier, and what I was doing back then that made me happy.

I was always going to be a writer.